Preface——Cortex-A Series Programmer's Guide

ARM 317瀏覽

1. The ARM
Architecture Reference Manual
(known as ARM ARM) 是任何ARM的程序設計人員都

2. 當這本書與ARM ARM出現不一致時,遵從ARM ARM上所描述的。

3. 還有另外一本手冊Technical Reference Manual是關于處理器的詳細說明,關于Cortex A8的手冊手機和電腦都有

? 有個網站:,已保存在360瀏覽器的收藏夾里

4. 術語的簡寫:

AAPCSARM 		Architecture Procedure Call Standard.
ABI ? 			Application Binary Interface.
ACP ? 			Accelerator Coherency Port.
AHB ? 			Advanced High-Performance Bus.
AMBA 			Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture.
AMP ? 			Asymmetric Multi-Processing.
APB ? 			Advanced Peripheral Bus.
ARM ARM ? 		The ARM Architecture Reference Manual.
ASIC ? 			Application Specific Integrated Circuit.
APSR ? 			Application Program Status Register.
ASID ? 			Address Space ID.
ATPCS ? 		ARM Thumb Procedure Call Standard.
AXI ? 			Advanced eXtensible Interface.
BE8 ? 			Byte Invariant Big-Endian Mode.
BSP ? 			Board Support Package.
BTAC 			Branch Target Address Cache.
BTB ? 			Branch Target Buffer.
CISC 			Complex Instruction Set Computer.
CP15 			Coprocessor 15 - Systemcontrol coprocessor.
CPSR 			Current Program Status Register.
DAP ? 			Debug Access Port.
DBX ? 			Direct Bytecode Execution.
DDR ? 			Double Data Rate (SDRAM).
DMA ? 			Direct Memory Access.
DMB ? 			Data Memory Barrier.
DS-5 			The ARM Development Studio.
DSB ? 			Data Synchronization Barrier.
DSP ?			Digital Signal Processing.
DSTREAM 		An ARM debug and trace unit.
DVFS 			Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling.
EABI 			Embedded ABI.
ECC 			Error Correcting Code.
ECT 			Embedded Cross Trigger.
ETB 			Embedded Trace Buffer
ETM ? 			Embedded Trace Macrocell
FIQ ? 			An interrupt type (formerly fast interrupt).
FPSCR 			Floating-Point Status and Control Register.
GCC ? 			GNU Compiler Collection.
GIC ? 			Generic Interrupt Controller.
GIF ? 			Graphics Interchange Format.
GPIO ? 			General Purpose Input/Output.
Gprof ? 		GNU profiler.

Harvard architecture Architecture with physically separate?storage and signal?pathways for instructions and data.

IDE 			Integrated development environment.
IPA 			Intermediate Physical Address.
IRQ 			Interrupt Request (normally external interrupts).
ISA 			Instruction Set Architecture.
ISB 			Instruction Synchronization Barrier.
ISR 			Interrupt Service Routine.
Jazelle 		The ARM bytecode acceleration technology.
JIT ? 			Just In Time.
L1/L2 			Level 1/Level 2.
LPAE ? 			Large Physical Address Extension.
LSB ?			Least Significant Bit.
MESI ? 			A cache coherency protocol with four states,?Modified, Exclusive, Shared and Invalid.
MMU ? 			Memory Management Unit.
MPU ? 			Memory Protection Unit.
MSB ? 			Most Significant Bit.
NEON 			The ARM Advanced SIMD Extensions.
NMI ? 			Non-Maskable Interrupt.
Oprofile ? 		A Linux system profiler.
QEMU ? 			A processor emulator.
PCI ? 			Peripheral Component Interconnect. A computer bus standard.
PIPT 			Physically Indexed, Physically Tagged.
PLE ?	 		Preload Engine.
PMU ? 			Performance Monitor Unit.
PoC ? 			Point of Coherency.
PoU ? 			Point of Unification.
PPI ? 			Private Peripheral Input.
PSR ? 			Program Status Register.
PTE ? 			Page Table Entry.
RCT ? 			Runtime Compiler Target.
RISC ? 			Reduced Instruction Set Computer.
RVCT ? 			RealView Compilation Tools (the “ARM Compiler”).
SCU ? 			Snoop Control Unit.
SGI ? 			Software Generated Interrupt.
SIMD 			Single Instruction, Multiple Data.
SiP ? 			System in Package.
SMP ? 			Symmetric Multi-Processing.
SoC ? 			System on Chip.
SP ? 			Stack Pointer.
SPI ? 			Shared Peripheral Interrupt.
SPSR ? 			Saved Program Status Register.
Streamline ? 		A graphical performance analysis tool.
SVC ? 			Supervisor Call. (Previously SWI.)
SWI ? 			Software Interrupt.
SYS ? 			System Mode.
TAP ? 			Test Access Port (JTAG Interface).
TCM ? 			Tightly Coupled Memory.
TDMI 			Thumb, Debug, Multiplier, ICE.
TEX ? 			Type Extension.
Thumb 			An instruction set extension to ARM.
Thumb-2 ?	 	A technology extending the Thumb instruction?set to?support both 16- and 32-bit instructions.
TLB ? 			Translation Lookaside Buffer.
TLS ? 			Thread Local Storage.
TrustZone 		The ARM security extension.
TTB ? 			Translation Table Base.
UAL ? 			Unified Assembly Language.
UART 			Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter.
UEFI 			Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.
U-Boot ? 		A Linux Bootloader.
USR ? 			User mode, a non-privileged processor mode.
VFP ? 			The ARM floating-point instruction set. Before ARMv7,?the VFP?extension was called the Vector Floating-Point architecture,?and was used for vector operations.
VIC ? 			Vectored Interrupt Controller.
VIPT ? 			Virtually Indexed, Physically Tagged.
VMID ? 			Virtual Machine ID.
VMSA ? 			Virtual Memory Systems Architecture.
XN ? 			Execute Never.